Tuesday, September 17, 2013

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC Launches New Image Database

According to the Department of Image Collection Chief, the "new web presence give the researcher a quick overview of the various collections from scholars, photographers, and our rare holdings. The  new pages also serve as the portal to Mercury, the National Gallery of Art Library’s online catalogue where you can search for images by the usual strategies of artist, subject and keyword. By  selecting the advanced search option one can also try  image source (e.g. Alinari, Brumfield, Kress) building location, or name/subject authorities and many other options. While there are not item records for all 7 million photographs and reproductive prints, 7.5 million images in microform, 225,000 slides  or 200,000 digital files, there will be a summary record for each artist or building indicating our holdings. Many item records will have a  thumbnail that will open Oculus, our digital image database, where many images are already scaled for use in digital presentations (for information on publishing use, please contact us)."

To find the web page, Please point your browser to www.nga.gov. Under the tab for research, select Library and on the Library’s page you will find an icon for Image Collections. Please click. (or bookmark this url:  http://www.nga.gov/content/ngaweb/research/library/imagecollections.html )

Friday, April 26, 2013

ARTstor Digital Library image downloads via zip files

As of April 16, 2013, ARTstor has changed the way that users download image files.  In an effort to get a way from the problematic Java programming language ARTstor has switched to using zip files.  For most users this should present no problems other than the extra step of "unzipping" to retrieve the image. For more information, visit the ARTstor blog at http://artstor.wordpress.com/2013/04/16/artstor-digital-library-image-downloads-via-zip-files/

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Welcome to the Visual Resources Collection

Link to Visual Resources Collection

Follow the link above and click on "Visual Resources Collection" and scroll down to learn more about the services the VRC has to offer and to access complete instructions for using our online image databases MDID and ARTstor.  Once you are there, you can also find information about MDID and ARTstor tutorials available on YouTube or click on the Links at right.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guggenheim Now on ARTstor

Visual Resources Collection New Space

As of fall 2011 the Visual Resources Collection occupies a great new space! We are conveniently located in the back section of the Visual Arts Library so come in and check it out! If you are faculty you will find it a great place to meet with students, create your own images using our Epson GT-20000 scanner, get personalized training on our image databases, or talk to the VRC staff about your image wishlist.